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Assure: Geospatial Data and Analysis

Case Studies

Our client wanted to improve the integrity management of their facility by creating a detailed model of the various facility systems. With this model they would be able to use their own information about their asset and visualize it in a geospatial environment, providing meaningful insights that can be used to improve their maintenance integrity program.


By using Assure, our customizable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, we helped integrate multiple databases (of varying formats) using standard protocols and then interpreted this information visually on a map. This allows our client to see what information is already available for any particular geographic coordinate, facilitating the efficient reuse of data – whatever that data may be. We were able to help facilitate the development of the model and integrate a number of system data sets together. The various systems included power, nitrogen, oil and gas, EHS&S, and logistics. These data sets were generated from various sources and geospatial locations, and the integration process allowed the client to reference these data sets, locating them visually on a map.

  • Asset tags and standardized handheld ISO data collectors have been implemented, so that the collection of field information is streamlined and accurate for future readings
  • GIS was tied in to the mechanical integrity, monitoring and control systems, providing near real time monitoring of the condition of the asset

Client Benefits

The safe and efficient operation of an asset is usually the number one driver for our clients. By utilizing our Assure product our clients are able to continually monitor the current state of their asset and develop strategies to ensure it operates in a safe, compliant and efficient manner.

  • The ability to evaluate and develop strategies that meet the client’s business objectives
  • Integration of multiple data sources quickly and easily, providing up-to-date information about the asset with which critical decisions can be made
  • A greater understanding of the various risks to their asset and the ability to develop mitigating strategies well in advance of any potential incident
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