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Assure: Project Data Integration

Case Studies

Our client wanted to develop a web-based, open API structure to allow more than 13 project systems to generically present their data online.  This was then to be used to facilitate visualization in PowerBI, iConstruct and eventually augmented reality and virtual reality.


Advisian Digital are providing EPCM services for an oil & gas client in Western Australia. The portfolio of projects is managed through the use of  more than 13 different systems that do not share data. Extracting data and reporting activities to support project delivery was time consuming for the team and didn’t allow for real-time analysis of project progress.

Client Benefits

Implementing a data visualization concept leveraging our Assure product, the integrated project and Advisian Digital team were able to dynamically extract live data from multiple systems and normalize the data into a single data stream (REST API). This provides the project team with new insights to improve project delivery.

Data extraction and normalization is streamlined by Assure for use by Power BI, which provides powerful insights into the project data.

  • Reprioritize 1.5 to 3 FTE from data extraction and manipulation to higher value project analysis
  • Improve key decisions with real-time data
  • Clarity on data quality
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