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An integrated hub of asset information, digital representations and data simulations
Digital Asset

Painting by numbers. Lots of numbers.

Frida envisioned extending the lives of her assets. To do so, she needed to see the current physical conditions of each asset, numerous iterations of prospective plans and various data simulations all at once. Without access to the right information, her business would continue to face suboptimal performance, inefficient maintenance practices, plant modification abandonment and unreliable forecasts. She wanted to combine every valuable image and idea into one masterwork that could inspire her business to optimize its assets for years to come.

Frida created a visual work of art, enabling her company’s assets to be seen in new ways.

Digitize takes a structured approach to the digitalization of operating assets. With this product, imaginative managers like Frida can visualize all aspects of their assets and test infinite simulations on a digital canvas.

Access asset information digitally

Access asset information digitally

Boost safety and efficiency

Boost safety and efficiency

Expand forward planning

Expand forward planning

Enhance supplier management

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