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Liberate your data so that you can get the business insights you need to make the right decisions. Using a proven, web-based technology that is quickly deployed and cost-effective, your data can be made available to any user on any system.
Digital Sensing

Reaching new heights.

Edmund needed a map. All the data referenced from Geographic Information Systems was starting to weigh him down. The disparate amounts of data would be far more helpful if they were visualized in a geospatial environment. Since Edmund hoped to improve his company’s maintenance integrity program, organizing his data to provide meaningful insights quickly became his first priority.

Edmund created a digital map to elevate his business.

Assure facilitates data reuse with a geospatial map, so industry ascending clients like Edmund can see exactly how to raise the integrity and compliance of their physical and digital assets. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Assure is able to integrate with multiple database formats.

How it works.

Every data source we deal with gets a REST API so that any person or program can access the information securely, and usually in a read-only environment.

By creating an API, your data becomes generically available. Rather than connecting one system’s data directly to another it can instead be used by an infinite number of systems within your business.  This allows you to use your data in new ways everyday. Who knows what the future will bring – Assure will make sure your business is ready for it.

What if you could invest once and get live information for life?

You could then easily use that data source to give one part of your team insights into your company’s productivity, and help another part of your team make decisions to improve your safety performance; all using live data, without needing to invest in further development and without disrupting the team creating, and maintaining the data.

Assure is delivered around the core tenant of creating generic data access for all data used in the platform. This function is performed in the AssureHub.

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When we connect to datasources, we look for common “data threads” that permeate the different sources. AssureDM checks the quality of the available data by comparing relevant data in one location to that in another and provides an online analytics environment to review the actionable results.

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When information is geographically relevant (e.g. information for pipelines, environmental compliance, mining, etc.), it is sometimes most intuitive to access this data via a mapping environment. AssureViewer provides an online geomatics environment that can consume any API; starting with that from AssureHub.

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Digital transformation for many organizations starts with collecting data from their operations; usually in a field environment. AssureRemote deploys a mobile app driven workflow and data collection that gets your business off of paper, and spreadsheets and into data and analytics.

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