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Internet of Things

By bringing together the power and domain knowledge of Operational Technology and Information Technology, we help clients prepare their assets to take full advantage of the Internet of Things.
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Operational networks security readiness

WorleyParsons has a team of experts who specialize in control systems, and the process control environment and the associated risks. Operational technology specialists within the Digital Enterprise and its ecosystem deliver assurance to clients that their OT networks are secure and in compliance with the enterprise requirements. This is an essential step for our clients in taking advantage of the Internet of Things.

Our approach


We comprehensively map any existing process networks you have onsite and create a suite of professional network drawings.


Drawings are analysed and a report provided that highlights where your process network may be vulnerable.


We can provide ongoing support to make sure any major vulnerabilities are eliminated keeping the network secure through good change management procedures and drawing control.

Understand your vunerabilities

Understand your vunerabilities

Enable reliable and efficient operations

Enable reliable and efficient operations

Understand impact of change

Understand impact of change

Maintain focus on what's most important

Maintain focus on what’s most important

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