Advisian signs strategic alliance with BrainChip

September 7, 2016

Adivisian Digital Enterprise is pleased to announce that it has signed a strategic alliance with BrainChip to explore the development of a series of products that utilize BrainChip’s Spiking Neuron Adaptive Processor (SNAP) technology. The technology is quite revolutionary; it has the ability to ‘learn’ extremely quickly in an autonomous manner, associating information and data just like a human brain does.

Advisian Digital Enterprise will work closely with BrainChip to produce a project development plan towards identifying products that can be developed using BrainChip’s SNAP (and related technologies) in order to open up a whole new dimension in data analysis. Advisian Digital Enterprise have already identified a number of potential applications for the technology across a range of industries, and all projects developed under the alliance will be marketed through their extensive global network.

Bradley Andrews, President of Advisian Digital Enterprise, commented: “Advisian Digital Enterprise is pleased to partner with BrainChip to bring leading SNAP technology combined with Digital Enterprise solutions to our customers in Resources, Energy and Infrastructure.”

Founder and interim chief executive officer of BrainChip, Peter van der Made, said “Having a partner like Advisian, with a strong industry reputation and global network of clients, provides an important validation of the BrainChip technology. We have already identified a series of potential projects utilising SNAP and we look forward to bringing further updates to the market on our progress over the next few months.”

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